Cliff's Edge Resort:
the scenario

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The resort at Cliff's Edge sits atop a
spectacular bluff which plunges 100m
to jagged piles of surf-pounded boulders.
While enjoying the view and sipping
a martini at the resort bar, you discover
that someone has spiked your drink.
You manage to stagger toward a balcony,
hearing footsteps behind as you go.
Your vision is blurring, your ears are
ringing, and your head is pounding, but
you manage to vault over a side railing
before the footsteps reach you. Exploring
the ground with your fingers, you find
yourself lying at the cliff's edge.
The vertigo from the mickey is intense.
You stand up, but everyhing is spinning.
You nearly fall again. Disoriented, you
know you must try to walk away from
the cliff. Even in your drugged condition,
you are twice as likely to step away
from the cliff as to step towards it.